Vintage Rose Handmade Jewellery is the culmination of a 15 year long dream for me.

Having started making simple beaded jewellery and selling my creations at local markets around the Central Coast of NSW, this then quickly turned into a passion and dream to one day turn into a career.

Following on from this, I studied at the Enmore design centre learning what I needed, to make jewellery as a hobby for myself, friends and family.

After becoming a mother in 2014 to daughter Violet and then Harper in 2016, this was my main focus and joy, jewellery making was pushed aside for some time, life was busy, fun and full of motherly challenges.

Picking up where I left off some time later, making jewellery for myself became ‘me time’ and I quickly remembered how much I loved being creative and it lit a fire inside.

This is when Vintage Rose Handmade Jewellery was born.

Vintage Rose is a jewellery line that is simplistic, fun and not so traditional. It is for the babe who loves crystals, the babe who likes minimalistic pieces and the babe that likes to stack and wear it all at the same time.

All pieces are handmade with love by me, Kathryn Janik in my home studio.