Here at Vintage Rose Handmade Jewellery, I believe in the magic of the full moon.
As such, each crystal is charged/cleansed by the most recent full moon before being hand made into their creation, giving the wearer a freshly cleansed crystal ready for their intentions.
Crystals are sensitive healing tools which absorb energies as well as radiate them, so having a cleansed crystal means it can be used to its fullest potential, and you benefit from its re charged energy.
It does not need to be a over complicated or intimidating process, just find what's right for you and get started.
When should I cleanse my crystals I hear you ask? If you have never cleansed them before, if you receive them as a gift or handed down to you, after using for a chakra balancing, or if your intuition tells you to.
How should I cleanse me crystals?
I am going to share with you the ways I have used to cleanse my own crystals and deem to be safe:
Placing your crystals outside in the full moonlight can help to re-energize your crystals. Whether you place them outside over night (protected of course) or on your windowsill inside where the moonlight can shine in.
The moonlight is a powerful influence and will encourage the natural vibration of your crystal to be raised.
Whilst direct moonlight is ideal, if the moon is not fully visible on a cloudy night, or its raining or storming this is totally fine, Its the energy of the moon that cleanses the crystals.
Sage smudging is another popular way of cleansing crystals, and is also useful for clearing negative energies from your surrounding environments.
Sage smudge sticks can be purchased from your fave crystal shop or online, or you can also use incense.
Burning the sage carefully with a metal bowl underneath, let the smoke fill the air around your crystals, or holding your crystals and waving them through and around the smoke.
These are my go-to ways of cleansing and re charging my crystals.
There are other effective ways to cleanse crystals, ie Grounding in the earth, salt/running water (be careful with water soluble crystals), visualization, sound, reiki and other crystals. I suggest always researching the crystals you have and the best ways to cleanse them as some crystals don't like water eg: selenite, kyanite, malachite, turquoise.

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